Our Story

Built and completed in 1985, with a beautiful distinct architecture, appealing grounds, ample parking, and complementary design make this building one of New Providence’s premier business locations. Ideally suited for medical and office use. The building was constructed as a two-floor office building with both elevator and dual stairwell service for easy access.

The building was originally an 8-unit office condominium. Then in 2004, the property and building were consolidated into single ownership with the acquisition by Properties Automated, LLC. The building has continuously been updated and well maintain with the goal of providing a great operating environment for your business.

Both Springfield Avenue and South Street are the main thorough fares that define the town center in New Providence. New Providence is a vibrant community comprised of caring citizens, excellent schools, proactive business community, superb shopping, and tasty dining establishments.

Local Community

New Providence lies on the slope between the heights of Stony Hill at Mountain Avenue and the meandering Passaic River below. Indians of the Lenni Lenape tribe were the first known inhabitants of this region. The history of New Providence can be first traced back to 1664 when James, Duke of York, and brother to King Charles II, purchased the land from these Native Americans. The territory purchased was quite large and included the land where New Providence, Berkeley Heights, and Summit, as well as several other communities, are now located.

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